Water always laying in our back yard?????


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Water always laying in our back yard?????

I was curious if someone could offer some help. We bought a house this past summer and each time we seen the house it was dry out (no rain). So it seemed the property was nice and dry. Well it turns out that the back yard is kind of slopped and when it rains the water always tends to lay around one of our Oak trees and sits for days on end. There is allot of clay in our soil so drainage isn't the best I presume. I know the clay is there as we had a vinyl fence put in and the installers dug 3' holes and most of the left over pile was 1/4 clay the rest soil.

Our Oak tree does have a mulch bed and is edged around it but I need to figure out something else to help with this puddling issue.

I considered a french drain but running the drain would be an issue as the rest of the yard is mostly flat and I wouldn't know where to run with it.

Are there other options? I considered grading the yard off to fill in the puddle areas of the slope but don't want to get to flat or the water would run to the house. It seems they graded the yard to drain this way for a reason. The back yard has a slight incline and the water runs down to the house where there is another incline to direct the water to the left side of the rear of the house. Only bad thing it just sits there and doesn't dissipate into the soil..... We could have 1 good day of rain and roughly 40'x10' is nothing but a small puddle.

Any suggestions or links to ideas for a DIY'er? Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. I don't want to PO the neighbors by directing the water near their houses.

Thanks so much!
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I would avoid puting a french drain near the oak tree. Oaks are very sensitive to having their roots disturbed.

As for the puddle there is no simple, magic answer. Water flows downhill. Since your yard is pretty flat I would bring in someone (landscaper or contractor) that has a transit and knows how to use it. Shallow slopes can be deceiving to the eye and surveying the yard is the best way to tell where they can direct the water.
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Make Lemonade

Regrade the puddle area to a central point away from the tree if possible and definitely away from the house. dig a pit and put in a pond. Line the area with pond stone to prevent erosion. Add a fountain, plants, and a bench. If you put in a liner, you can have the pone year round instead of after a rainfall.

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