Sprinkler System Clogged


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Sprinkler System Clogged

I have a sprinkler system that works fine. Just that the last sprinkler on one row does not have enough pressure to go up. It used to work fine I took off some of the heads and small rocks came out. The last sprinkler has water but just trickles out. I think the line has a rock in it, any idea on how to get it out without having to dig and pull the line out and replace it with a new one.
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I first wonder where the rocks came from. Did you replace a broken head recently:? It can be easy to let rocks drop into the line when you do that, and then they "float" downstream and clog the line somewhere else.

The way to fix this with the least amount of damage would be to cut one of the lines and put a fish tape or some other snake into the line to try and find your blockage. You may run into fittings, which can seem to be blockage but its just because they are slightly smaller than the pipe and your fishtape gets hung up on them.

Once you find your blockage, lay the tape on the ground in the direction you think it was heading and dig that spot up. You should, with any luck, be able to repair a small section instead of replacing the entire line.

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