Landscaping against the kids


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Landscaping against the kids

My property is the only one in the area that kids can go and play underneath the my leyland cypresses. I have a wooden fence behind my trees that runs the full length of the back of my property. Kids walk around the fence and drink, rip apart my trees and other things adolescents do. I can't fence in my whole property because of the HOA. I think they'd just jump the fence anyway. I don't want to take the fence down because there is an open field behind it that would just invite them more. Is there anything, anyone can think of for me to do to keep kids from doing all that back there? My wife has suggested rose bushes and razor wire. Don't think the razor wire is the best thing. But I'd like to make it look nice and not trashy. That's why I'm looking for a nice landscaping idea to take care of the problem. That's all I need is some parent blaming me for their drunk teenager getting pregnant on my property. Thank you much.
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Well...if you don't mind pruning...holly trees are almost as good as razor wire if you choose the right species....very pretty year round as well....

Also...a few visits by the police might dissuade them from coming back.....

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