Paver walkway w/ 1 step


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Paver walkway w/ 1 step

I want to demo the concrete walkway and lay down a nice brick paver walkway. I've read and watched about doing this, and overall it doesn't seem too difficult My problem is with 1 step at the very beginning of the current walkway (from the sidewalk onto the walkway). I don't know how to do this properly with the pavers. I have thought about putting down a railroad tie to act as a step & edging from the sidewalk, but I'm worried that this wouldn't look right. I don't want to use railroad ties for the rest, I want to use the plastic edging. Is creating a step (6-7 inches or so) with pavers difficult? (I plan to lay them dry)
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There are several houses where we live north of Boston that have created steps in their paver walkways using large rectangular granite blocks. One house around the corner has even built a set of wide stairs using this method. Where we live, these large blocks are fairly common. Not certain about where you are because your location isn't showing.

Other things you might consider are:
1) Not having a step at all. Just slope tha walkway.
2) Create a step yourself with concrete.
3) Create a concrete step covered with pavers. Make the riser a "soldier" course of pavers.

FYI, I've removed a concrete walkway and replaced it with pavers myself. It isn't difficult, but it can be back breaking work depending on the length of the walkway. Be certain you know your own limitations and do it before mid-summer heat.

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