Sprinklers "falsely" ON


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Sprinklers "falsely" ON

I have set the controller for my sprinklers as "off" since the rainy season started. One day I came home and found out that all of my sprinklers were on. Well, water was coming out of sprinklers but not with the full volume.
I checked the controller and of course it was off. So as a temporary solution, I had to turn off the main valve for the whole sprinkler system.

Does anyone know what the issue might be with my sprinkler?
Please help me. I'll like to fix it ASAP since there is no more rain coming...

Thank you!
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You mentioned all of the sprinklers. do you have only one valve (zone) or were several valves on? It is not uncommon for a single valve to have a solinoid or diaphram go bad allowing for the heads to operate but is not common for all valves to fail at once.
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what type of controller do you have? brand name and model number would be helpful.

Also, do you really mean ALL of them, or just some in one part of the yard?

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