Surface Springs


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Surface Springs

I have a problem that I haven't seen addressed on as backyard flooding. I have flooding at the lowest point of my yard due to (what the landscaping consultant called) "surface springs." Basically, it looks like a swamp back there. And no matter how much dirt, mulch, logs, that I dump back there, they all sink into the ground or decompose in the water in a season.

The landscape consultant recommended that I just buy boulders and toss them back there, but I'm not convinced of her advice. I won't be able to install French Drains myself because the wet clay soil is just too heavy to move.

Anyone have any ideas? Would I be insane if I just tried to bury it with concrete?
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"Surface Springs" could mean several things including : (1) an artesian well (or high water table) bringing a continuous flow of water to the surface; (2) a low spot that collects run off from higher areas or (3) "Beats me, but I gotta give an answer to get paid".

I would try to get a more specific explanation from the landscape consultant before trying to do anything, but based on the suggestion to throw bolders at it I would not put much faith in the answer.

I don't see how putting a layer of cement over a swamp would solve the problem. A french drain is the answer. You can rent a peice of equipment called a "trencher" that would do the digging for you and then you'd need a Bobcat to load the gravel to put around the drain pipe.
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If it is too wet you will get the trencher stuck. Does it firm up in the dry season? If so, that is the time to use the trencher.
If the area is small you could hire a landscaper to hand dig the trenches and lay pipe and gravel etc. Remember it is always a good idea to call for utility locates before you dig!

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