Brick Walkway

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Brick Walkway

Just bought this house about 10 months ago and the rear brick walkway was completely unlevel with bricks going all over the place. I pulled all the bricks up and want to reset them so it looks good again.

The original bricks were just sitting on top of dirt. This part of the yard is practically a marsh and is always wet. When i lay the bricks again should I lay stand/stone or just tamp it good set them on the dirt again? I feel like the sand would just get washed away shortly anyway. Just not sure the best way to do this is such a wet spot.
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The problem with the brick walkway is that they were just set on dirt in an area with poor drainage.

The first thing to do is to solve the drainage problem by installing a french drain or a series of dry wells. Here's a link for french drains and you can find more by Googling "french drain".

How To Build a French Drain |

And here are a couple of links on dry wells and you can also Google the subject. I tend to like dry wells because they can be easier to dig (in some cases).

How to Install a Dry Well |

Drywells for Landscape Drainage, how to install, drain time information

After the area has good drainage, you'll want to create a sound base for the bricks by digging out the walkway's existing dirt so you can lay a lower base of pea gravel and then an upper base of sand. The bricks should be laid on top of the sand wnd more sand swept into the cracks.

Here's a link for installing the brick walk and you can find more by Googling "brick walk installation".

Brick Walkway Installation |

What I've described above is the right way to do the job. If you want to short cut anything, do not eliminate the need to solve the drainage situation. If the walkway does not get much traffic, a climate like Baltimore's would allow you to place the bricks directly on dirt but be prepared to relay them from time to time.

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