Patio - Concrete Edging What will grow?


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Patio - Concrete Edging What will grow?

I finished this patio late fall last year. The yard is on quite a slope and after a few days the bricks on the bottom of the slope started to come apart from the concrete. Because of the slope and the weight I did not think that the plastic paver edging would hold it in place.

Instead I dug a trench and filled it with concrete. Now spring has arrived and I don't know how to cover this up. Should i chisel some out and try and get grass to grow? Would a little bit of gravel cover it up and look good? Just looking for any recommendations. The picture below shows the concrete edge on the patio.
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I'd probably plant a series of very low growing evergreen's on the dirt side of the concrete. I'm thinking of something like Blue Rug Juniper which is very low growing and spreads out as it grows. You would have to prune the growth so it didn't come over the patio, but probably only once a year.

I've grown Blue Rugs all along the east coast except in southwest Florida. It doesn't require a lot of care, but you would want to feed it with an acidic fertilizer to counter act the "bleed" from the concrete.

You can also find othe low growing Junipers that don't spread as much as Blue Rug.

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