Chicken and the egg


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Chicken and the egg

Which came first, right?

In thinking of my sprinkler system I am not sure what to do first. Do I determine where my sprinklers are to go and then find ones with a range and pattern to fit the area? Or do I first start by finding sprinklers and buy enough to cover my area and then figure out where to put them?

Does it matter?

I need to start from scratch and put a whole new system in my yard, my current system isn't working and parts of it need to be replaced. Best to start over and do it proper.

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lots of things to consider, water quantity and pressure are the biggest concern. amall areas less than 15' should be sprays areas larger should be gear drive rotors. Sprays range from 8' to 15' typically and everything in between in 2' inct's gear drives range from 28' to 38 ft typically

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