creeping charlie (ground ivy)


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creeping charlie (ground ivy)

what kills it? is there anything out there that will kill this stuff in one treatment? Or, does it take multiple treatments to kill this stuff? The first time I tried some weed-b-gone, with minimal success, the second time I used 2-4-d, and some stuff is turning brown, but not sure if its dead yet??
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Creeping Charlie is difficult to kill because you have a very narrow window to do so.
You have to apply herbicide when the plant is growing but before it flowers.
Once the plant flowers the leaves develop a waxy coating that prevents absorption of the herbicide.

Most weed killers that are good for dandelions like 2-4-D will do it.
Not sure what is available in your area but Killex is a popular one here.
I have a large yard and buy a ten liter jug of one similar to Killex called Premium Three-Way at the local farm supply store for 1/3 the price of one liter containers at the box store.

I have several large patches of Creeping Charlie and it has been a difficult spring to spray.
The plants have to be actively growing and it takes a warm sunny day for the herbicide to be effective.
We have been getting weather too cool to effectively spray but warm enough for the plant to slowly grow.
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Its a tough weed. You'll need multiple applications of weed killer. We've had to fight it in most of the houses we've where lived in the northern part of the country. I don't believe it is possible to completely eleiminate the weed, but we've been able to keep it under control with applications of the broadleaf weed killer products you can buy at any garden center (and farm supply stores). I usually buy whatever is on sale or that has a coupon in the newspaper.

When we moved into our current house in the summer of 2007, we had a major infestation coming from the neighbor to our west. It took all of that year and the next to get rid of most of the weed with a combination of walking the property and carefully spraying whenever we saw it and hand pulling it out where it had grown into our planting areas.

I still walk around the property with a sprayer on a weekly basis, but we've been able to keep the creeping charlie under better control by establishing more planting areas around the lot line where we can see the vines easier and pull them out.

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