Ideas for driveway landscaping?


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Ideas for driveway landscaping?

Hello all. I don't really know how to describe this, but I have a structure in my driveway that I need some help with on landscaping. It is a round, brick bordered pea gravel "pit". Please see link here, Picasa Web Albums - Joe Cook - front yard . My wife has been thinking about putting some knockout roses in the middle, surrounded by day lilies and then some kind of ground cover around the perimeter. Any ideas woul be appreciated!
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You and your wife have a realm of possibilities to further beautify this already attractive circular “structure” (a/k/a landscape island) .

Your wife has the right idea of using this for plantings. You don’t say if the “island” has automatic irrigation or underground electrical pipe to add lighting to this feature. Keep in mind that elevated areas like this tend to dry more quickly so plants more tolerant of drier conditions should be considered if there is no irrigation and not wanting more maintenance chores.

The Knock Out® family of roses would be a suitable choice. When first introduced some years ago, I planted Rosa 'Radrazz' The Knock Out® Rose from Conard Pyle . . . other than occasional pruning, virtually no other necessary maintenance. The Knock Out® palette has expanded, so you now have more color choices The Knock Out® Family of Roses.

Since having a clean slate, use this opportunity to think about anything both of you might like to accomplish beyond just beautification of your property. For example, standing back at the road and looking out windows of your home (including upstairs), is greater privacy, shade, etc. desired. Things identified might sway your ideas such as a specimen tree toward the center (any large tree selection should consider leaf or sap drop if overhanging the gravel driveway).

Your style home presents a “formal” look although more formality would have been introduced with a brick paver driveway . You can design landscape that accentuates a formal appearance (plants arranged with geometric patterns {think of it as cutting the circle in half, and each side would look the same}; usually higher maintenance) or having it help soften that look (plants arranged informally for a more "natural" look; if plants chosen correctly as to mature height, this becomes virtually maintenance free) . . . personal choice! Formal And Informal Garden Design Ideas - Landscaping Videos. Before planting, decide whether you like the look of pea rock or something like mulch (comes in various colors). Whatever you decide to plant, go from taller toward center and lower toward the edges, and you may want to consider an ornamental grass as it’s easy to maintain and provides different texture Types of Ornamental Grasses - Ornamental Grasses - University of Illinois Extension {just an example as these may not be suitable to your USDA zone}.

I like to add hardscape features to my landscape such as boulders. After deciding whether you want a formal vs. informal look, and if not wanting to be limited to just plants, you might search things like garden sculpture, garden accents , garden décor. These could range from something subtle mostly observable by someone at the driveway or something less subtle observable from the road. You should also look around your neighborhood to keep within reasonable bounds.
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Thanks alot. I'll look into all of your suggestions, and if I can think of it I'll post pics of the results.
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After looking at the picture - one thing comes to mind. Do you want something that will require regular maintenace, or something low maintenance? For low maintenance, what about hostas around the edge in a ring ( they will die back in the fall, but re-emerge in spring), with a central focal point, such as a sundial or statue ( or anything else you prefer)? You could plant either the roses ( Ive tried them, but have not had high success, and they require maintenance), or you could plant annuals or perrenials around the central focal point. It is so much fun to have a blank slate to work with!

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Beautiful place you have there!!! I know I'm not much help as far as plants goes, but for a suggestion to throw into the mix,....what about a nicely shaped piece or two of driftwood?

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