Gas trimmer with AUTO FEED LINE


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Gas trimmer with AUTO FEED LINE

Anyone know of a reliable gas trimmer (2 cyc. preferably) that uses an autofeed spool?? My other ones, both B&D electric and battery powered both have this feature. I just got fed up with my ryobi bump/feed unit yesterday and broke it in half and threw it away. Very frustrating....I can get the job done faster with my old electric unit with the 100' ext. cord. The battery powered 18V one will only do about half the job before both batteries are done. I live on a corner lot and have over 100 yards of edging alone.
Thanks for any help here.
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I just upgraded my Ryobi with a new head that uses precut pieces of line. I first thought this would be bad since I can go through quite a bit of line in one shot. But I then decided that if I had thicker line then the .080 that is on the trimmer the line would break less.

There was 3-4 to choose between $20-$30 but the one I bought was $25 IIRC and made in the USA (which shocked the heck out of me! ) and I got it at the big orange store. It will handle up to .130 and are VERY easy to replace. Just push them in. Precut line is a little more expensive but you can just buy a spool and cut it yourself.

If you want to go the new trimmer route (since the other one is in the trash.) My first suggestion is Stihl and get one that uses .095 line or better.
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That's what I'm trying to get away from, the bump n feed type heads. I did use the extra head with the precut pieces, and they were thicker, but edging along a concrete sidewalk and curb chewed them up quick. I like the autofeeding type, even though they are usually associated with lower cc/cheaper brands, but that's fine. I also want to get a curved shaft instead of straight. I mostly edge with it anyway, so I don't need a commercial model. What models to avoid at all costs would be helpful too!
Thanks for the input ironhand.
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I also got a new head(well for the trimmer that is) at Home Depot for about $12 dollars that uses pieces of plastic instead of string. It works fine even around concrete and rock
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I second the stihl comment. We have 8-10 model FS80's and the are bullet proof. It is a commercial bump feed but they are soo much better than the homeowner grade it's not funny. It will last you years and years just useing it around the house. We put 6-8 hours of continual use on them about 4-5 days a week and can usually get 3-4 years out of them.

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