Toro 4x15' end strip nozzle


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Toro 4x15' end strip nozzle


Like millions of homes, I have a 4'x30' lawn strip between the street and sidewalk. Originally there were several 4x15' side strips but the problem was that to get the ends of strip watered well required massive overspray onto the driveways.

So I removed all but one side strip near the center, and installed a end strip on both ends. Now I know these have a poor reputation for coverage right next to the nozzle, but it seems that the spray pattern for these nozzles is just a very narrow triangle, reaching 4' wide only at 15' away from the nozzle.

Is it me or are the end strip nozzles poor performers?

What is the standard solution for these strips?

Also, I noticed that all Toro nozzles come with the pressure compensator now. It does seem to help with fogging but I have also noticed that some of my nozzles seem to have much shorter coverage than advertised. Often the PC device comes off when I install it. It looks like the filter holds it on when installed in the pop-up. I probably have mixed the filters from non-pc and pc. I hope the filter is identical between these.

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in theory you should have end strips and side strips problem solved. I have noticed that some perform better than others but none perform as suggested.

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