On the cheap.


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On the cheap.

We are looking to move out of horrible, highest taxes in the universe New Jersey. I have about 30 feet of large, approx 5 high foot bushes in front of the house with lawn in front of them. They are growing together and some have large dead spots.
1) Anybody have any idea what a landscaper would get to get rid of the bushes, put in new small plants and mulch.
2) I was thinking of cutting the bushes down to ground level, covering the stumps and rest of the area with mulch and planting bushes myself. Not sure if this is a good idea. Anybody have an opinion?
Thanks all
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If you want to hire this done, the only good way to proceed is to have several contractors come out and bid the job so you can compare

Have a pickup truck available? Pulling bushes out with a chain attached to a truck is my preferred method of removal
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As a contractor, I would probably charge $200 to remove and dispose and replace with shrubs ranging from $30 to $75 each depends on size and type , mulch would be approx. $65 per yard installed. Expect to pay around $400-$500 on the high. you could cut them down yourself but make sure you can plant over what you have, due to roots and stump. or as mentioned prev. pull them with your car or truck and a chain, or just dig them out, with a pointed shovel which I have done many times cutting the roots with an ax or loping shears or if they are not too large just chop them with the shovel. if you don't have the money ....let you have the ambition and get it done! you can do it.

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