french drains


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french drains

when installing a french drain, is there any benefit in using the hard pvc over the flexible pipe? The run is 30 ft long with one 5 foot right angle. the flexible would be 1 piece instead of many. thank you.
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You use perforated or slotted to collect subsurface water and solid wall to transport water to a different location.

The flexible can eliminate a joint, but if you are carrying water any bellies or low spots can collect sand and silt in the corrugations, causing plugging or restricted floe and possibly freezing in cold climates. A pvc in sections can be put in and any slope desired and is less likely to have low spots if you get a firm base plus it wall always carry more water.

You can use a combination of solid and perforated in a run depending on your use (collecting or transporting). It is common to see perforated for drain for a "french drain" and then switch to unperforated to avoid collecting excess water when you just want to get the pipe to daylight to drain.

The flexible will always be cheaper than pvc if price is the major concern unless yo are forced to by a length longer than you need while the pvc comes in sections and may have less waste. If you come up 5' short on perforated, you may have to buy a much longer length than need, so it is just wasted.

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thank you. I think I described it wrong. I was asking about perferated pipe in both cases - one hard with holes on the bottom, and one flexible. Is the answer still the same?

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