Sprinkler question


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Sprinkler question

It's too late here in Michigan to do this but I want to get ready for next year.
I have a few sprayers in my system(not pop-ups) that put out approx 14 feet in all directions.
Does anybody make one that puts out a rectangular pattern. I'm referring to the side next to my driveway which is about twelve feet wide. Currently there are three Rain Bird impulse heads set as low as possible, but of course half the water goes into my nieghbors yard.
To do it the tradional way with a lot of pop-ups, a sprinkler company told me I would need two more zones in addition to the eight I alredy have. This would also require a new control box and of course would be very expensive.
So I'm looking for an alternative.
The area to be watered is about 12'x80'.
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there are heads that are called center strips but they donot cover 12 ft usually only 4x30 and they don't work really well. I do think you could add 9- 12' 180 degree sprays in a triangle pattern and adequately water this area. are the 3 impulse heads alone on that zone? if so you could eliminate them and replace them with the sprays and still have enough pressure since the sprays would be at about 11 gpm so no need for another zone. don't let them sell you snake oil. p.s.I also from Mich. and not too late to do yet. let me know how it goes.
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Thanks for the reply wannabe.
I am here in Macomb County.
I blew our sprinklers out a few days ago, so I will wait for spring.
Those three heads are on the same zone, but here is the deal.
They are on the last zone and don't get full pressure or water supply.
That is because whoever put this system in ran the line from the front center of the house all the way to the back of the house to the zone valve, then of course continued around and down the side of the driveway. I even had to change the nozzles and spring location in those heads to make them work decent. They do OK but half the water goes into my neighbor's yard. We have only a 3/4" line feeding the house with city water, usally runs at around 55psi.
Our problem is our driveway, we plan to have it totally redone in the spring, but may have to run a new line across the driveway to power that zone, so that's why I'm doing research now to find any alternatives. Once the new driveway is poured it will be too late to change. Like I said the one guy told us two more zones and of course a new control box(ours is currently an 8 zone box) and is filled..
I sure will get more estimates.
Can't understand why none of these outfits make a head with a rectangular nozzle.
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Regardless of what you decide, I'd recommend installing two 2" pipes under the driveway no matter what. This will allow you the flexibility to run additional pipe or wires inside the 2" pipes later on.

Rainbird offers a square pattern which I think covers around 15 ft. You'd have to install these in the center of the 12 ft wide area but it's something to consider.

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