Use a sod cutter or roundup?


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Use a sod cutter or roundup?

I have a crabgrass-filled lawn and want to start over. I also have a retaining wall which i need to back-fill with some dirt. Is it better to use a sod-cutter to remove all existing grass, fill in and reseed or simply use roundup to kill existing grass, then put down topsoil and reseed? I want to get this done this month - October in Virginia.
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Posts: 21,045 are really late in the year to be planting seed. Normally Sept was my cutoff when I lived in VA. Gave it time to root in with a few weeks of warm weather after sprouting.

I'd probably recommend a cool season grass like seasonal rye mixed with a good warm season blend specific to your area. The rye will sprout quickly and hold things together over the winter..then die off when it gets warm. Looks a little odd for a season or 2 though.

You may need multiple applications of the RU if you have the same wiregrass junk we had.
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Roundup only works on actively growing plants and takes time to work, normal rule of thumb is to give it two weeks

What kind of grass do you want to have? You might be better waiting till spring, especially if you're planning to go to a warm season grass

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