Plugging Zoysia


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Plugging Zoysia

I have a large backyard and we sodded Zeon Zoysia close to the house and around the pool, but because of budget, the rest of the lawn was overseeded with fescue. It came in well and looks fine, but for consistancy and ease of maintenance I want to eventually have it all zoysia. In the spring, can I put zoysia plugs about 1 foot apart in the existing fecue lawn (without killing fescue) and count on the zoysia taking over? Will it eventually take over and kill off the fescue? Thanks for any input
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Yes...the zoysia will take over..
It will eventually choke out the fescue...just like the wiregrass we had back in VA.
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You could do nothing and the zoysia will eventually take over, it's just a matter of how long you want that process to take

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