French Drain Help Please


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French Drain Help Please

Hello Everyone
New user here, just found this forum and its great .

I am kindly asking for some advice regarding french drains. I have a drainage problem around the outside of my house, so i decided to put in a french drain. I found a company that i liked, but they said that when they install a french drain, they do not use a gravel bed BELOW the drain pipe. However, they do put gravel on top and to the sides of the pipe. Also, they are putting a sock around the pipe, and felt on top of the gravel to prevent dirt from going into the pipe. My question is, is the gravel bed on the bottom of the pipe necessary? his reasoning seemed reasonable, which is that he wants all the water to get into the pipe, and not escape into the gravel bed below and get trapped. at the end of pipe, there is a box a good distance away form my house that will overflow and move the water away.

Him not putting gravel on the bottom is not a matter of cost, because i called him today and offered to pay for extra gravel to be put on the bottom, and he said that if i wanted it, he would do it for free since gravel isn't that expensive. BUT he said that he never had any problems with his method, so im confused. he also said he spends a lot of time sloping the drain, so there should be no problem there.

So,what do you all think about not putting gravel on the bottom, is it bad?

I really appreciate any advice i can get

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rock under drain pipe

Regardng gavel under your drain pipe, If you would prefer having it there would certainly be no problem in doing that. Actually it simpy adds an additional path for excess moisture to travel away if your trench is properly graded. The main issue is getting the unwanted water away which your pipe will accomplish. Best of luck,greensboro_man

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