Pre-emergent and Bermuda reseeding


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Pre-emergent and Bermuda reseeding

How soon after applying a pre-emergent herbicide can I reseed with Bermuda?

My yard has been mostly ignored for years and I would like to get it greened up this year. Decades ago it was sodded with St. Augustine, but that only survives in certain shady areas. Bermuda lives among the weeds elsewhere.

The idea is to control the weeds with a pre-emergent in February, then at some time later reseed with Bermuda, but I'm concerned that if I reseed too soon, the pre-emergent will kill the grass seed. So what should my timing be?
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You're right about being able to seed too soon but I wouldn't think that would be a problem, as I would think the optimal time to seed a warm season grass would be a lot later in the year, maybe April or later depending on where you are exactly
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I would say not to seed with in 60 days after a pre emergent application. Why not just round-up all the weeds after they green up and then seed the bermuda? no waiting. Soil temps really need to be around 70 for optimal germination. The average between the daytime high and the overnight low temps should be 65-70.
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Good point about the Roundup. I guess I was thinking that there are areas that won't need reseeding at all, others that may need a little booster reseeding, and others that need to start all over. Roundup seems a little heavy handed, but maybe I'm trying to finesse this too much.

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