Stone mulch - how to replant?


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Stone mulch - how to replant?

I have a long and narrow planting bed - almost 80' long and 3' wide. I had planted ginger and costus in it before, and I had weed barrier above the soil and then about three inches of granite as mulch.

The reason I used granite is because the area floods sometimes during the rainy reason and regular mulch I have used before will float and get on to the driveway, the granites have been working out really well in that regards, until now.

Now I wanted to replant and change things up. So I need to remove the granites from the top, remove the half way broken down weed barrier, mix the soil up and plant something else. The problem is as I raked the granite from the soil, I end up with a pretty big pile of granite mixed with soil. I think I need to find a way to get rid of the soil in it or else as I lay in a new layer of weed barrier, these loose soil will be above it and weed will grow. The weed barrier was able to cut down 90% of the weeds compared to when I didn't have any before.

Any idea how to rid the soil in the granite besides raking and spraying water on them over and over again which seems like a waste of water and a winless battle?
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You can build a wooden box and in place of the bottom use hardware cloth (sturdy, coarse screen). Hang with chain or rope so you can shake it. Put a few shovels of material in and start shaking. The fines (dirt) will fall through while the rocks and larger bits stay trapped above in the box.

Notice I never said that shaking and sifting a ton of material would be easy.
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I'm not sure I'd mess with this - we put decomposed granite on top of the weed barrier out front of the office and stuff grows in it really well

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