Ineffective Lawn Service


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Ineffective Lawn Service

I had my first year of lawn service in 2010 and am not happy with their seeding results (no growth after aeration). Should I DIY or try another service is the question. Your DIY indicates a lot of racking or surface scratching. Is this labor absolutely neccessary or can I just spread seed with fertilizer. The area is too large for Patchmaster. What other covering can I use to protect the seed from birds. Where can IU find info on rolls of grass seed used by county workers after utility poll replacment
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1. Have you tried speaking with the service and letting them know that you are unsatisfied?

2. While the labor is not absolutely necessary... it does give better results, especially if you're worried about birds.

3. I've found that the birds in my area (north texas) tend to leave treated seed alone.
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DIY lawn maintenance depends entirely on how much time and effort you are willing to spend. It's not rocket science and there is a lot of guidance on line. Outside of regular mowing and trimming it's really not very time consuming.

My schedule is pretty simple. I apply lime in the very early spring, a weed preventing fertilizer mid spring, a grub preventer late spring, a fertilizer mid summer and I overseed in the late summer/early fall. I don't rake/aerate or dethatch.

That will vary according to location and soil PH. Some areas may need watering or an additional fertilizer application.
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Bad seeding results are often from improper watering while waiting for the seed to germinate

As mentioned, I would follow up with the service and at least see what they have to say
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From the a Sod Grower

Probably the most important key to getting grass seed to grow is this. The seed must make contact with actual soil. Grass will not grow on top of thatch. Another thing that is super helpful in getting grass seed established is reducing the compaction of the soil. If you have bare soil then great, but if its as hard as concrete the grass seed may germinate but it's hair roots won't be able to penetrate that compacted soil. Sprouted seeds will usually dry out and die right after it sprouts. Now back to your issue. Airation is great - it reduces compaction and brings micro-organisms up to the surface that work to break down thatchiness. But... airation, regardless of the smoke that lawn care companies blow, does not create a good seedbed for sowing grass. Remember, seed must make soil contact. Yes, airate your lawn. But if you want to overseed then you'll need to use whats called a "slice seeder" that cuts narrow grooves in the soil and drops seed in those grooves. For best results slice seed your lawn in two directions. Timing of year is also important... O I could just go on and on. Check out my website, ***** I have numerous other articles there relating to outdoor landscape projects.

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