Low Voltage LED Lighting


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Low Voltage LED Lighting

I am in the process of switching my backyard low voltage lighting system over to LED. I have a 400W transformer and I will have twelve 4W lights on a straight run of 12G cable.

1. Is there any danger of using the 400W transformer with a load of only about 50W? I was using this transformer with ten 25W halogen lights and I'd rather not replace it if I don't have to.

2. Is it OK to daisy chain the lights? Since I'm using LED lights, I figured that it would be safe, but I've received conflicting infromation.
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Your transformer is fine. While it has the potential to supply 400 watts, it will happily idle while supplying your LEDS. Wire the LEDS in parallel - same as your other lights were wired.

A more important question may be, does the xmfr provide the proper voltage for the LEDS?
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Goldstar - I hate to ask stupid questions, but can you be more specific about what you mean by "wiring the lights in parallel"? Right now, the existing lights are attached to the main 14G line using the "easy-to-install" connectors that came attached to the fixtures.

I would like to solder the new lights to the main line. My plan was to cut the main line where I wanted to attach the fixture and then connect the main incoming positive, the main outgoing positive, and one side of the fixture wire together. I would then repeat this on the negative side to complete the circuit.

Is this the wrong way?

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