Finding Privacy on a Budget


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Finding Privacy on a Budget

I am a mom of 4 busy children. I own a daycare and live on the corner of two busy streets. My husband built us a beautiful cedar deck this passed year and we are now "on top" of my neighbors and can be seen from the street for a half mile. We lost our mature maple in a bad storm last year and have no trees and now no bushes in our yard. We would like to add some trees and bushes to add privacy from the neighbor next door and from everyone driving and stopping at the four way stop behind our house.

We have a small budget of $1000. We have large playground for the kids and large deck, but no greenery or anything pretty. I love colors. I also live in Kansas. Can anyone help me?
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White pine trees grow rapidly and stay green year round. Not sure about adaptability to your climate.
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soft maples also grow rapidly and will grow in Okla, and Kansas. Also Hybrid poplars should grow in Ks.
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If you can construct a tall trellis to support them hops bines grow very rapidly and can provide a tall hedge row with a very small footprint. Pieces of root stock can be bought mail order for a few dollars. Once spring comes and they start growing they can easily grow 6+ inches per day, quickly providing some dense foliage.

The drawback to hops are that they need a trellis to support them. They cannot support themselves. Also, they die back with the first hard frost so there is some clean-up but the roots survive to come back year after year.
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A Little Creativity with Privacy

You can buy small evergreen trees pretty inexpensively. Just keep in mind that if you plant an 18" tall Spruce or Pine tree its going to take that tree 6-7 years before its gets to six feet tall. Thats a long tome to wait for privacy. But thats the price you pay for not paying the price. What I mean is, pay more and buy a taller plant. Here's another plant suggestion, Ornamental Grasses. Grasses are fairly easy on the wallet. You can buy them in a 1-2 gallon containers and there are varieties that grow 6-8 tall in as little as two growing seasons. For the sake of variety I'd recommend planting some of those smaller evergreen trees and then plant ornamental grasses in and around those pine and spruce trees. Check out my website, ******* I have numerous other articles there relating to outdoor landscape projects. One article in particular is called "Easy Care Landscapes" and it talks at length about the value of using ornamental grasses
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We've had good luck with clumps of shag-bark river birch. I've seen them around KC, but not if you live in the western part.
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Red face

Thanks for the help. We are thinking of planting arborvitae along the fence line between here and the neighbors house. But we'd like something that grows about 10-12ft. We get a lot of wind on our corner. We had an elm that had to be cut down due to deadly limbs falling in the street, and a maple that was split in half and fell during a storm. We have a river birch in the front, but don't like the fact that there are limbs that fall every time the wind blows. We are also looking to plant some flowering shrubs around the fenceline and deck. I think we have a lot of work cut out for us. Does anyone know much about the Hybrid Pear? How tough is it against winds/snow/ice? What are good trees to plant along a wooden fenceline?

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