How to shut off deer from lawn


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How to shut off deer from lawn

Deer roam around in my yard. The problem is that they leave feces on the lawn. It appears that my yard has become their favorite place to do that so that the droppings pile up pretty quickly. I noticed that they are coming from woods in the back side of my house so I placed deer repellents at each side of my house to block them to the front yard. But they are now coming direct from either my neighbors' yards or the street in front of our house.
Any suggestion?
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A fence and/or a gun can work pretty well.
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I have often seen in apple orchards, bars of soap hanging from the trees. Apparently the deer associate the smell of the soap with human presence. Might be worth a try
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Putting up a fence won't really help, I've seen them jump pretty high. I wouldn't think the repellent would be much of a long term solution. I'd suggest the soap thing or just scaring the hell out of the deer so they won't want to come back.
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Good luck with anything less than a 10' - 12' high fence. We have tried them all and most work for a brief period and then the deer become accustomed to the "repellent" / noise /dog and go about their business.

In the cold and snowy months they will eat anything from tree bark to plantings ( they love arborvite) and hosta plants in the spring.

We had six deer standing in the yard the other day, about twelve feet from the house, watching us watching them.

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My parents had pretty good results stringing high strength fishing line through the woods around their property. When the deer are foraging at night they bump into it and go another way. It won't stop a running deer but pretty soon the deer learned that there was something in their way in that area and stopped coming.

Deer are not totally stupid. They know certain smells but if they have nothing bad to associate with it they learn that that smell is not dangerous. It's very much how deer are much more visible and approach homes and humans more closely until hunting season opens. Once they've been shot at a few times they associate humans with danger and stay away as much as possible. Unfortunately there is very little you can do during a drought if you have irrigated plants or a source of water. They will go for the food & water.
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I've heard of putting sprinklers on motion detectors but never tried it, the deer aren't a big nusiance here
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Not to be distasteful, but all you hunters know you can't use the bathroom from your tree stand. Human scents, whether it be urine or even hair will repel them. My wife uses almost used up soap at the entrance to the chicken house in cloth bags. I guess it is to ward off evil spirits or raccoons or posssums, not sure.

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