Pop-up drain emitters, water laying


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Pop-up drain emitters, water laying


Last summer, I had a professional landscaper install new drainage for my downspouts. These included pop-up emitters in my lawn.

We recently had a good bit of rain, and I've noticed water is laying in some of the drain pipes. The drains DO pop-up and operate (I haven't been able to observe them very often, but I have seen a little bubbling in effect)... but if I remove the pop-up cover and place my hand in the elbow pipe, there's a good bit of water lying there when there is no rain and/or water actively flowing into the pipe.

Now, the drains were installed lower than the inlet, so that much is 'correct' by what I've read. But I haven't read anything about water laying in the pipe. Is this normal?

Thanks for reading
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Yes, it is normal. The pipe is low point of the drain so the water sits there.

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