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Help with procedure, grass seed - insect killer - weed killer.

Help with procedure, grass seed - insect killer - weed killer.

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Old 03-15-11, 10:15 AM
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Help with procedure, grass seed - insect killer - weed killer.

Hey all,
I have a large grub/japaneese lady bug/mole problem that is 1. tearing up my entire yard and 2. killing grass in 25% of the yard.

I was reading online that the Moles are in the yard because they are eating the grubs, the the grass is dead and comes up just by raking the yard because the grabs are eating the grass roots.

So, my plan of action is this:
1. Rake up the entire yard from leaves and dead grass
2. spread Grub & Insect killer over the entire lawn.
3. wait 2 weeks then spread Grass Seed over the dead grass areas.
4. wait 1 more week then spread Weed & Feed over the entire lawn to kill the weeds and help the entire lawn grow.

Is this the correct procedure and time frame?

Thanks all!
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Old 03-19-11, 08:42 AM
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Its important to know where you live and when you start all this so that you use the right grub killer.

For example if you live around Boston, you would see the first grub damage in early April. This early damage is from mature grubs that have survived the winter and are now feeding on the grass roots. You need a strong "24-hour" grub killer (watered in immediately) to get rid of these. These grubs will change into bugs which will lay eggs which will hatch into young grubs which should be killed by a "season long" grub killer. Around Boston, I apply a season long grub killer around July 4.

We had a similar problem when we purchased our current house and I started to see grubs in the early spring. Following is what I did here in early April and has worked at other houses we've owned:
1. Applied the 24-hour grub killer and watered it in.
2. Waited two days and raked the soil to prepare it for seed.
3. Spread grass seed same day.
4. Applied a fertilizer that is safe for new grass seed same day.
5. Applied weed & feed in late May.
6. Applied season long grub killer July 4th.

This schedule has taken care of most of my initial lawn problems except for crab grass. The first year I have to use a post-emergence killer. After that I use a pre-emergence crabgrass killer & fertilizer. I've never had much of a problem with lawn insects (other than grubs) so I don't apply insect control.
Old 03-19-11, 08:56 AM
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Thanks for the reply. I live near Chicago area...
I have pretty much every bug you can think of on this property that always try coming into the house... which most succeed.
I've gotten a spray to shoot around the home doors and windows that I started last October and spray every 2 months... it has been working quite well actually, but now that it's been getting warm those lady bud looking insects are EVERYWHERE!

They get into the home, but die shortly after, they must be getting the spray on them when they pass through the windows (or wherever they are coming from).

I already laid down an insecticide... says it kills Grubs in 24 hours and is also a year long killer. I laid it down 2 days ago, it sprinkled that night (was suppose to get a good rain) but it's suppose to rain for the next 3 days straight to it will soak in nicely.

So, seeing as though I can go ahead and put seed down, what kind of seed should I get? They have all kinds at home Depot. The worst parts are actually in shaded areas... so should I get a Shaded Seed or does that actually matter?
Old 03-21-11, 09:19 AM
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Don't kill the lady bugs. They're good guys that eat the aphids.

I grew up around Chicago. Still also a Cub fan in spite of the goat curse.

I suggest a seed mixture with Perennial Rye (germinates quickly), Fescue and Bluegrass. Most anything your local nursery sells should be OK.

After you put down the seed, keep the soil damp until grass is 3 inches high. Try to water lightly 3 or 4 times a day (which is hard to do).
Old 03-06-13, 11:16 AM
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natural help

if the spraying for your pest problem does not work out for you, you should try to use an organic ******** Beneficial nematodes are a prime example of some natural pest control; plus they are easy to apply around the garden and require no clean up.

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Closed....Old thread. Please start a new thread for landscape/lawn issues.
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