Ideas for very small front yard


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Need ideas for very small front yard

I'm going to cut down (to a stump) or remove a big 9 foot by 9 foot bush from my postage stamp size front yard. Since its going to leave a big and weird empty space on my very small and slope-y lawn I'm going to need to dress it up quickly (or at least do something that's less of an eye sore).

Any ideas on what I can do to make that space decent looking?

Photos of the space:

Thanks in advance

P.S. - I don't need anything fancy, I prefer to spend next to nothing (literally) and I don't have a green thumb and I have no landscaping skills, but I'm more than willing to try.

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To tell you the truth I would leave it. Its just overgrown. I would at cut it down alittle more then half way and trim the back so its not too close to the house. Its a very nice looking bush. Once you shape it it will look great.

Cost? Electric hedge clippers and your time.

At least try that before you remove it. After you trim it, live with it for a couple of weeks. You will see that it will open up the front of the house nicely.

Mike NJ
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Hmmm... well I left a big reason why I'm wanting to remove it: this past Halloween I cut it into a Jack O' Lantern thinking it would grow back in by Thanksgiving. It's almost Easter and its still hasn't grown back in It's beyond embarrassing at this point and it's got to be removed or something.

Take a look:

I prefer to remove it because it does grow high quickly, but if I could I somehow still trim it into something decent I'm open to that too.

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If I could go back in time to when I had a ground-floor condo with a lawn about that size, I'd be tempted to lay it out like a formal English garden, no grass at all -- and plant it 100% in herbs. Looks good, smells good, tastes good.

Some replanting issues...
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Ya, removing the grass seems to be the popular suggestion and I'm liking that idea because it means minimal maintenance (I think).

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