Drainage question


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Drainage question


I noticed a bit of a drainage problem in the backyard but I'm not sure if I should bother fixing it. When it rains, the water drips off the back of the roof and collects up against the house. In the picture below, this area in between the grass and the house can collect up to 2 or 3 inches of water when it rains. Generally when the rain finally stops the pool is gone within 4 hours or so.

This is the affected area that runs along the backside of the house. The grading is mostly done correctly with the exception of this little area. I live on a hill so the grading is done in such a way so that the water run towards the center of the yard (like a basin) then towards the north side of the house where there is drainage that brings it out to the street. The only issue is this area where water collects when it rains.

Some background info that may be important:
-It's a slab foundation
-wooden frame with stucco walls (the brick in the picture is just for the fireplace)

From what I can tell, it's been like this since day one which was sometime in 1983. Also, I live in San Diego where we get maybe 1 or 2 storms per year that dump enough rain to pool the water. I guess what I'm wondering is if this amount of water can eventually cause damage to the slab or the ground beneath it?
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Hi Bmahon:

I am not a structural engineer, but IMHO:

1) If you are NOT on a hill where the water could be washing the soil away under your slab.

2) If this has existed since 1983 (27 years?).

You probably don't have a problem.

If you are still concerned, put in a small drain to the center of your yard.

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