Grub help.....


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Grub help.....

I live in Mass. and i had a mole in my back yard last year so im sure there were Grubs present in my lawn. I think i got rid of the mole right before the snow came. So today was about 75 out so i took my shovel and dug up a spot in my back yard and checked the soil and found a small grub so they are still there. I have a lot of brown patches both in the front and back yard but i didnt see any grubs in the front yard. So i dont know what to put down first... Grub-ex or Milky Spores?? Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thank's a bunch!!!!
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I would use the grub-x as milky spore only controls one type of grub species and you do not know, i assume, what type of grub you have. also dont remember off hand which grub milky spore is labeld for.
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Grubs aren't all that active right now, best control is usually achieved with application in May or June so you may need to reapply if you put it down now and don't see the results you expected
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Thats what i was gonna ask next.. Should i apply now and again in late JulyThats why i was thinking about the milky spore for now just so i can get it into the soil...But if the Bayer 24hr stuff or the Grub-ex would kill right away i will do that then again in late summer...The grub i saw was tiny and white....

Thank's Again!!!
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Grubs are tiny this time of year. They'll get bigger soon, and hungrier.

I live in CT and have treated a portion of my lawn for years with Grub-ex. I put it down in mid spring and if I have some left over in the late summer I'll treat the lawn again. I don't have grub or mole problems in the part of the lawn I treat.

Milky spore disease is a naturally occuring soil organism that is reported to be very effective against Japanese beetles, however apparently it's also somewhat effective in controlling other types of beetle as well. Link
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Hi Slugworth:

Here is the information about the grub life cycle that I got from the New York Extension Service about 20 years ago. It has worked for me since then.

Grub Life Cycle:
1. When it gets cold in late fall, the (now mature) grubs that hatched in the summer go deeper in the soil. At this point there isn't much you can do about them.
2. As the soil warms up in the spring, the mature grubs come near the soil and begin to go to work on the roots of the grass. At this point, the mature grubs are difficult to kill with a slow release "season long" grub killer. You need a powerful poison. I have had success with Bayer's 24 hour grub killer, but only if it is watered in immediately..
3. The mature grubs will eat your grass roots for a few weeks and then begin to change into moths/beatles. In northern NY and Mass, this seems to take place in late April and May.
4. The moths/beatles fly around and eat the leaves on shrubs/trees for several weeks before they lay eggs which will become the next year's grubs. In northern NY and Mass, this seems to take place in late May and June.
5. The eggs hatch little grubs which start to eat your grass roots as they grow. In northern NY and Mass, this seems to start in late June or early July. At this point in the cycle, the grubs are little and a "season long" grub killer (I've used Grubex or Bayers) works well.
6. Any grubs that have managed to live through your efforts at control will go deep into the soil in late fall and the cycle will repeat again.

BTW, if you have planting areas that you don't treat or neighbors that don't care about their lawn, this is an annual chore for you.
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Im finding grubs in my front yard now!! About 3/4 to an inch long and one to two inches in the soil..Most i saw were curled up in that "C" shape but some were crawling around..Sould i spend the money on the 24hr. Bayer stuff or are these grubs about to transform into Beetles and leave my lawn?? I will put down Merit or something like it in late July...I didnt want to waste the money on the 24hr. stuff if they are ready to leave the soil...

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