Iriigation system winterization


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Iriigation system winterization


I am putting in a soaker hose in my flower bed in my front yard. The question is, what exactly do I need to do to winterize this set up later this year? If I have to install something else, I'd rather know about it now.

For some more detail, my soaker is about 50' winding in my front yard. At the edge of the front yard, it gets connected to a regular hose and runs the length of the house to the back yard. In the backyard, this hose connects to a faucet with a timer on it. When it is time to winterize, what are the steps I ought to take?

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My parents have several of those hoses around their house and they never do anything with them. They just let them freeze/thaw and they are on their 5th season and still work fine. But, I would coil it up and bring it inside for winter. It's only 50' so it's no bigger than your average garden hose.

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