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Getting ready to install SOD need as much advice as possible!!!

Getting ready to install SOD need as much advice as possible!!!


Old 05-11-11, 05:52 AM
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Getting ready to install SOD need as much advice as possible!!!

Hello, what a wonderfull site I have stumbled upon. Anywho, I am getting ready to lay about 700 sq ft of sod (Midiron) in my back yard and I want to make sure I do it right so I dont blow 350 bucks.

Let me start by saying the currently the dirt in my back yard is extremely fine. So fine that it creates dust clouds when kicked up. I understand that I have to start off with clearing rocks and weeds and all that jazz and then follow up with rototilling. I am currious as to if I should lay top soil (if necissary) and fertilizer or starter seed and then till or vice versa. If I need top soil and fertilizer how much per square foot will I need? I know the basics of caring for the sod once its layed but I understand it is extremely important to do proper prepping, I want to make sure I dont screw it up. I know there is tons of step by step sites online but I figured I would get advice from people that have actually done it. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Old 05-11-11, 11:46 AM
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I just did 600 sq. ft. last weekend and the farm where I purchased the sod told me to lay starter fertilizer down as well as lime. Was told that 50lbs. of each would cover about 1000 sq. ft.

Afterwards, just water, water, water and make sure the ground beneath the sod stays damp.
Old 05-11-11, 12:16 PM
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If you have one you can stop by your local agricultural extension office and pick-up a form & box to do a soil test. They will be able to tell you exactly what is needed. At the least I would take a bucket of soil to someone knowledgeable in your area (con you go to the sod farm?) and ask what they think of your soil. It could just need tilling (cheap) or they may tell you to haul out all your dirt and bring in 6-9" of topsoil (expensive).

Do you have an irrigation system?
Old 05-13-11, 12:38 PM
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I'm with Dane - this is the perfect time for a soil test

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