Seeding in the summer


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Seeding in the summer

I'm completely overwhelmed with the size of my lawn. Some spots have grass, others weeds/grass, others just weeds. I can't possibly prep my entire lawn at one time so I have to take it in sections.

That being said, will newly planted grass see this time of year survive the summer if I keep up with the watering? (a relative will be available during the day to water it) Would planting grass in shady areas be better for summer planting?

Again, I'd ideally do this in the fall but I simply don't have the hours available given the size of my property.
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Your somewhat northern location will help. The coupled with the correct grass variety and I don't see why you can't get grass to germinate and grow during the summer.
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Cool season grasses tend to slow down quite a bit in the peak of summer - around here I wouldn't plant grass in July or most of August

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