ant hills


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ant hills

I have huge ant hills throughout my lawn, probably about 100-200 of them, some about 12inches wide.

I can't use pesticides because of my little dog and kids.

I tried boiling water, but that kills my lawn, I tried ground pepper bit that does not work. I tried instant grits, supposily, the worker ants will bring the grit down to the queen, she will eat it, and when she drinks water, it expands and "explodes" her...has anyone tried this????

I sprinkled grits all over the hills, but after a while seen ants carring the grits away from the mounds...are they just bringing them to another hill or are they smarter then me???

Any other ideas???

Thanks Barry
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I used to have problems with fire ants when I lived in fla. I had good results using the Golden Marlin fly bait. You just sprinkle the yellow crystals over the ant hills - it works real good! Never had an issue with the dog and I guess we watched the kids good enough where they didn't get into it.
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Forty years ago we bought our first house in South Carolina. Being a Yankee through and through I had no clue about fire ants. I knew that's what the half dozen mounds in the back yard were but I quickly found out when my 3 year old tripped and fell on one. She ended up in the hospital.

Anyway, my neighbor provided me with the local solution to fire ants -gasoline! Just pour some all over the mound and in a few days
no fire ants. After they were gone I would just hose down the area until it didn't smell like gas anymore.

Gas was 35 cents a gallon and the world wasn't as sensitive about pollution back then. Certainly not the solution for today's world.
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Amdro is my fire ant killer of choice:

Amdro 2 lb. Fire Ant Bait - 3220000 at The Home Depot

Don't know how effective it is on other types, but it's death to fire ants (which can't die a painful enough death IMHO). You'd have to read the MSDS on safe use.

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