Dying Japanese Maple


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Dying Japanese Maple

We had our entire landscaping redone two years ago (April 2009) and several of our shrubs are dying including our Japanese Maple. The other shrubs started dying off shortly after they were planted, but the maple made it through two brutal summers (100+ degrees), two frigid winters (teens) and started to flourish again this spring. However, as of a week or so ago, half of the tree is now dead and the trunk is gray and black. I don't understand how the tree survived over a year, grew new foliage this spring, but is now dying. I've heard that Japanese Maples do not like full sun, but I don't understand how it made it this long if that is indeed the case. I'm beginning to wonder if it was not planted correctly. The nursery will be replacing the shrubs and Japanese Maple free of charge, but I don't want the tree to dye off again for whatever reason. Not sure of the species, but it has red whispy branches and lime free foliage (new growth is red/pink then turns green).
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A lot of variables involved in a situation like this, I would start at the nursery and ask their opinion why so much of what you bought from them didn't make it
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I've seen some varieties do well in full sun while other slowly whither away. I had a Japanese Maple in full sun and it finally gave up half way through it's third summer. It looked OK the first year, showed serious signs of stress the second year and the heat of the third summer did it in.

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