Need Help with a Pulsating Sprinkler


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Need Help with a Pulsating Sprinkler

I have a Nelson Beta II impulse (pulsating) sprinkler that has worked fine until this spring.

Now, it will turn to the right (clockwise), but when it reaches the end of the range, it starts pulsating faster (as they do when starting the return rotation), but doesn't move counter-clockwise.

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Not sure about your brand but I find that dirt or sand gets shaft and will hang them up. If can be disassembled take it apart and clean it.
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Take a close look at your sprinkler head. There is the big arm on top that swings back and forth but then there is a smaller lever that hangs down, usually in back (trip lever) that is activated by the stops that control the swing arc of the sprinkler head. If the trip lever or it's pivot shaft is worn it may not trip or if a bit of dirt has gotten caught in the mechanism it may not flip to it's secondary position causing the sprinkler to do the fast ticking motion that swings it back to the left (counter clockwise).

Tripping the trip lever takes a certain amount of force/energy. If the water pressure is too low the spray of water will not be strong enough to overcome the spring and trip it. Also, if something is restricting the sprinkler's movement like tall grass it may dampen the movement of the sprinkler head enough to prevent it from tripping the lever.

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