Mulching question


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Mulching question

So, the search feature on here was giving me too wide a range of stuff to sift through. Sorry if this question has been asked a zillion times..

We have about 40 little pine trees (I think) in our backyard in various areas. It's a total pain in the butt to mow around them as the grass grows right around the base. I also worry about hitting them with the mower and damaging them or stunting their growth.

I tried putting landscape paper around each and every one last year and then putting mulch (didn't use much maybe a couple of inches) on top of the paper. End result was that the mower shot the mulch bits here and there when you tried to mow around the edges of the mulch piles. Then it often grabbed the landscape paper, ripped it up from around the tree and sent everything flying in a dramatic shredded fashion.

Tried weedeating around the mulch piles. Similar results sadly.

Whole project was very time consuming and an epic failure.

What's the best solution to my situation here? Best standard practices?
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Go to the store and buy 4" corrugated drain pipe (perf pipe), cut it in 6" lengths (20 per 10' section), split each one across the grooves and open it up to wrap around the base. You can mulch up next to it, run a string trimmer up to it and it won't hurt the tree. Of course as fast as the trees grow, you may have to remove them in a few years.
Your best solution is to remove the pine trees, as they will be a PITA later on as they age and fall on your house with minimal winds. Plant hardwood trees, or fruit trees. They may grow slower, but they are more hardy, and the fruit trees will give rewards.
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Thanks Chandler. Great advice.

The trees aren't anywhere near the house though, so getting knocked over isn't really much of a concern.

Would love to plant some fruit trees back there. Fiancee is getting frustrated by the "football field" look of our huge backyard.
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Sounds like it might be too big an area but I used pavers for the border around mine - the mulch stays inside and the mower can't reach the mulch

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