lawn roller


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lawn roller

I recently redid a section of my lawn that was giving me problems. The new grass coming up now is about 2 inches in spots and in other spots it is very small or hasn't come up yet. I used all screened topsoil before I seeded. The soil is still soft and I would like someone to tell me if I can still use a lawn roller on it. It would be the kind that I would push or pull.
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What do you hope to accomplish with the roller? Is the yard bumpy?
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The yard is a little bumpy but more so it is soft from the screened topsoil I put in. I will soon be mowing there and I would like the ground to be more firm. Perhaps if I roll it the area will be more compacted and therefore I could someday use my Deere to mow instead of the push mower. My question is what will a lawn roller do to the new grass that is there?
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Don't compact your soil. You grass won't like it.
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I understand your dilemma. If it were me I would wait until the grass is mature before rolling. By then it may not be necessary.

If you do decide to roll the area, I suggest not filling the roller completely to minimize the weight on the new grass.
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I'm no expert, but it seems to me that a winter's worth of snow, etc would nicely settle the soil. That's how it seems to work in central IN.
Of course, that means using the rotary for the rest of the season.....

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