Dying Blue Globosa Spruce


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Dying Blue Globosa Spruce

I had a blue Globosa spruce planted two years ago and it died within weeks. It seemed like it was only a week or so after it was planted (by a professional landscaping company) that the needles started to brown. The landscaping company replaced the spruce at no charge just this last week, and now the new spruce is dying as well. All other surrounding plants are thriving. I have no idea what to do. I don't want to have it replaced yet a third time to just have the same problem. Any idea what the problem could be? I watered the first one sufficiently, so I'm watering this one sparingly, but it is still dying. I'm clueless. Could it be the acidity of the soil?
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I can't tell you if its the same problem we are having here in IN, but ours are suffering from needle cast. If memory serves, it is a fungus and is particularly bad in spring when its cool and wet and causes the old needles to die and turn brown or copper color. They don't come back. We had some of ours sprayed and keeping our fingers crossed. From looking around the web, it seems a problem in many areas around the country.

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