Help With An Irrigation System


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Help With An Irrigation System

I am planning on putting in a irrigation system soon, and I dont really know what to do, I have an idea of what to do, but not 100%! I have done all my pressure tests, (40 psi) I am on a well system, Like where do i start, What does the line out of the house go to?

Thanks alot

ps. If you have any good help website for putting one in can u post them
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Wells can be tricky. I did mine with a 5-6 GPM well. I have 10 zones. All zones are 1 rotator head at 4 gpm. This alows my pump to stay on at 55 psi. Its a 40/60 switch. I have a strip zone with 6 sprays at .50 gpm. This allows me to run all 6 and keep me at my 3-4 gpm. You have to allow for friction in the pipe.

Have you done a bucket test to see what your GPM is?
What is your pressure switch set at? 20/40 30/50 40/60?

What type of area needs watering> Large? Strips? How many feet?

You need to tap off right after the well tank for best results. What size pipe?

This guy helped me . He actually responded to questions I had. When all was done I just winged it. From my 1" well main I ran 3/4 pipe to all heads. Alot of digging. I ran one forst that was close to try it. I started with impact sprinklers but they stink. Replaces with gear driven rotors and some fixed sprays for the strips.

All the major company sprinkler design systems online told me I could not do it...LOL

It may take me 7 1/2 hours to water at 45 minutes a zone but who cares. My grass is green and I dont need to lug the hose around.

Heres what I did. No controls and I operate manually. Cost $200.

sprinkler pictures by lawrosa - Photobucket

Here is the site that I thought had good info. I read it 10 times then decided upon what I have now.

Irrigation Design - Landscape Sprinkler System Design Tutorial

Mike NJ

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