What does new crabgrass look like?


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What does new crabgrass look like?

Recently I tried to put some new seed on bare spots on my lawn, about two months ago. Now I have bright green blades coming up which I thought might be tall fescue (which I was hoping for). However, out of curisoity, I pulled some from the yard. It came up very easy. The stem had between five to 10 blades spouting.

Now I am concerned that I did something really wrong (not watering enough, cutting too soon, cutting to short, etc) and I have a large
amount of crabgrass started. It is to much to pull all by hand if that is indeed what I have got started.

Any suggestions or even pictures of beginning crabgrass would be of help, and I would greatly appreciate it....

Many thanks in advance..
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Here is one site that has a lot of pictures of crabgrass in varying stages/sizes.

Here is a page that talks about removing and controlling it. There was a herbicide on the market that could kill established crabgrass but it was removed from the market last year I think. Now the only herbicidal control is to apply a crabgrass preventer in early spring before it emerges. The good news is that the first hard frost will kill your existing crabgrass. Then next spring you need to get on it early before it gets established and keep at it. The crabgrass seed can stay viable for years so it's a battle you must fight every year.
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You seeded tall fescue? Is that what's in the rest of your lawn?

Tall fescue is a nice grass but it does not play well with others and should not be planted along with other types of grasses, as it will tend to group into weed-like clumps when planted with other grasses.
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There are 2 types of CrabGrass that is 1. Large CrabGrass
2.Smooth CrabGrass
Both crabgrasses are much-branched and upright or prostrate. Large crabgrass is normally mat forming, often has purple stems, and can grow to more than 3 feet in height. Smooth crabgrass is usually 15 inches or less.

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