Irrigation Pump problem


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Irrigation Pump problem

I have three Wayne PLS 100, 1 hp, portable irrigation pumps of various ages. All worked fine at the start but eventually all have lost pressure/water volume. The motors all appear to run fine and at proper rpm's. I pump out of a lake to water the lawn. Question is: Could the impellers be the problem? I looked at them and they appear fine to me, although a little stained from the lake water. There is nothing plugging them up. Should they be visibly worn to inhibit pressure/flow or can they be worn out while looking fine?

If that isn't the problem does anyone have any suggestions on how or what to repair on these pumps to make them usable again?

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I use a 2" pump to irrigate from my pond and replace the impeller about every two years. It looks fine but slowly over time it takes longer and longer to prime and the output pressure is no longer what it was when new. The water and microscopic silt suspended in the water slowly erodes the impeller and housing. I think next I will replace the entire pump unit since replacing just the impeller last time did not bring it back to it's original performance.
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Have you always had this issue??

Sounds like you may be using more GPM the the pump can pump...

5 gpm pump trying to pump out of 7 gpm irrigation heads just will not cut it.

Let us know.

Mike NJ

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