Irrigation / Sprinkler System Problems


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Irrigation / Sprinkler System Problems

The house we recently purchased, has an in-ground sprinkler system. I have no previous experience with these things. The sprinkler heads are the type that are supposed to pop up, then retract, automatically. Most of these heads work just fine. There are a few, that I have to manually pull up and then several that I have to tap with my toe, to get them to retract. Do these just need to be replaced? Or is there a way to remove them, clean them, etc and get them back to working properly?

The other issue, is in the back yard. None of the heads in the back yard come up, at all. Since everything in the front yard works fine and I get nothing in the back (and I've tried the manual water valve both ways) I think it might be a wiring issue from the control box, but I'm not sure what to look for.
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The tops of the heads should unscrew so you can clean them if needed but even new they occasionally stick in the up position. But at a few dollars apiece it's not the end of the world if you have to replace a couple.

More concerning is that you heads that don't pop-up. Does this happen relatively often? Is it always the same heads? If it's somewhat common it could mean that the system is improperly designed. It takes more water volume to initially raise the heads and get them to seal. Heads not rising could mean there are too many sprinkler heads on that zone. First thought just check to make sure they don't need cleaning.

When you say you tried the manual water valve for your back yard zone, what exactly did you do? Manually turning on the back yard sprinkler zone at the solenoid/valve should bypass any wiring problem.

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