removing tree


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removing tree

hello everyone,

I have a holly tree that is about 12 feet tall and I'd like to remove it to replace w/ some flowers and shrub. The tree is too large for that area.

I already cut it down (the easy part) but removing the roots and cleaning that area from all it's root looks like a lot of work for a rack and shovel. Are there better ways to perform this extraction?

Many thanks
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You might look into renting a stump grinder. It will dig through the dirt and cut out most of the roots. You should only need to dig up an area about twice the size of the root ball of the new plants. Any remaining roots should be rotted out by the time the new plants roots get to that area. Maybe if you can't get a stump grinder you could try a trencher. Depends on how big your roots are if the trencher could cut through them.
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You didn't say how large the stump was, but if the tree was only 12' tall, I don't suppose the stump was much more than 8" in diameter. A sharp axe and a strong back will take it out in little more than an hour. A stout splitting wedge and 10-lb. maul could shorten the time.

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I know this will not help much if you've already cut the tree down but... If I am not able to get machinery like an excavator to the area I remove the limbs down low so I can have easy access around the trunk. Then I dig around the roots as much as my energy allows and cut the roots as far away from the tree as possible. Then attach a chain or tow strap several feet up the tree's trunk. You want to go as high as possible to have leverage but low enough that the trunk is good and strong. Then use a truck, tractor or several strong friends to rip the whole thing out of the ground.
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I was thinking along the same line
If necessary, you can chop the roots more while the rope/chain is taut.
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I usually just dig around the roots and cut as many of them as I can get at using a mattock. Then if I still can't get it out I'll try a come along anchored to my truck. If that doesn't get it I break out the chain and give it a yank. Just be aware that you need to be very sure of your chain when you yank.
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