Unsightly Drainage Pit in the Corner of My Yard


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Unsightly Drainage Pit in the Corner of My Yard

My husband and I just bought our first house. The backyard has a massive slope starting about 20 feet from the back-door. It's pretty grassy, thankfully, all except the far right corner. It looks like it's been made (or it became? or naturally was?) a drainage pit with the previous owners. There's a privacy fence around the entire property, but this corner's been cut off with a mixture of stone, wire, and picket fencing (overkill much?). Inside the mixed fence, there's an abundance of weeds and prickly bushes (thankfully dead now that winter's hit!), trash (yuck!), and what looks to be some plywood boards. I don't necessarily want to make this corner usable, but I do want to make it more visually appealing.

I had thought about cleaning it all out, clearing away the wire/picket fencing and putting stone fence/barrier all around that corner, and filling it with gravel, and maybe some desert plans when finances allow. Would that work at all?

I have no experience in yard-work, gardening, or drainage though. Neither does my husband. I really want to try and work on this some before the North Carolina heat comes back in the spring and all the buggies/weeds begin to blossom again. Any advice?
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I like to do work like that on the coldest winter days. You are all bundled up which helps protect you from any thorns and the creatures are dormant. None of it is rocket science, just a fair bit of work ripping out what you don't like.
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as Dane said, it's mainly a matter of a little work. one thing you may want to install is a drain line around the area leading to a small dry well. all this is, is a small pit filled with drain rock to allow the water to be absorbed. that corner could well have turned into a trash pile because it became a mud hole in the rain from runoff.
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You should design your backyard.maybe you post some backyard pics to help we understand your problem.

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