reseed protocols


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reseed protocols


I live in central Jersey.... a few years ago, my lawn had some sever heat damage due to a hot summer and water restrictions. As such, now it looks horrific (probably 40% grass) and I want to fix it. I have scoured the interwebs for how to redo lawns and have numerous, often contradictory bits of information (like: you must rototill v. never ever rototill!)

Where would you all recommend I start? Do I need to rototill? Should I do it now, in September?

I am obviously looking to do this in a cost effective manner but also want to learn something as well.

I am looking at ~1300 sq feet to redo.


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What type of lawn turf do you have?
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Well pull like myself I had a whole area of lawn burn here in NJ.

Do you have the rye, fescue, bluegrass combo thats common here?

Are you able to water, such as an irrigation system?

If you want the easiest, and you will not get this overnite, you can try what I did.

You can seed anytime really except when you put down the halts crapgrass preventer. Then you need to wait to seed. Follow the instructions on the bag.

You could get a crapgrass preventer that allows you to seed but its expensive.

Put down the product with the crabgrass preventer..

I use these and buy from the farms on the rt 9 corridor.

Grass Lawn Fertilizer

And they have this at the local walmart. Was on sale $30 bucks.

Buy the Bwi - Springfield FS90 Fescue Grass Seed - Kentucky 31 - 50 lb bag at Hardware World

Overseed, overseed, overseed......

Should do every year for three years. Then every other yr or every.

A strong lawn should be able to tolerate the heat. possibly your lawn was thin.

Next here in NJ the soil is acidic.

Lime,lime,lime, I do twice a yr. Spring and fall.

40 lb. Pelletized Lawn Lime-54050860 at The Home Depot

Mike NJ

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