How to relocate my valve box?


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How to relocate my valve box?

I'm getting ready to have pavers put in my backyard and need to move my valve box about 25' from where it is now. I plan to put it along the side of my house where the water pipe that feeds the valves is, so I'm hoping that will make this job easier. There's currently three valves now and want to rezone the system while I'm at it. My question is this a fairly simple job for someone who's handy and has tools? Or is this something best left to a pro?
If I'm able to do this, would someone please give me the general steps on how to do this?

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I assume you are talking about relocating an irrigation system valve box? If so, it's not rocket science. Just digging and moving the valves. It's pretty basic plumbing and wiring and there are a lot of online tutorials and videos available but it's certainly a DIY job. The work of digging is is what I think stops a lot of people.
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Thanks. I didn't think moving the irrigation valve box and adding another valve was too difficult, but never doing it before, I wanted to make sure of this before I got myself in too deep.
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you can just move the valve, but if you do not reroute the pipe you will always have the potential of a leak under your patio. just a thought to consider.

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