Backyard Swamp (drainage issues, dead grass)


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Exclamation Backyard Swamp (drainage issues, dead grass)

HELP ME!!! My backyard is a swamp!!!

My backyard, at my townhouse, has severe issues - mostly caused by the HOA.
First, during the warm months, the HOA waters the yard excessively (like over an hour, every single day, in the early morning), which causes the yard to flood.

In July 2011, I had the HOA fix the yard, and all they did was lay sod over the swampy area. However, the yard remained sopping wet and swampy, causing the new sod to die, as well.

Now it is March 2012, the snow has melted, and I am disgusted with this backyard. Grass is totally missing is much of the yard and other areas are just dead and wont come back. Tire tracks from the lawn mowers (from last year) are visible, and the water from the melted snow is standing.

There is a cement wall that runs along the back of my property because the house behind mine sits higher. There is also a french drain the middle of my yard, that I assume the yard was supposed to be sloped toward for drainage, but the entire yard just slopes toward the cement wall.

Here is a link to pictures of my backyard issues...

I am not sure what to do. There is obiously a watering/drainage issue that the HOA needs to fix, but I am not hopeful they will follow through and correct the issues anytime soon.

Any ideas? How would any of you go about fixing this type of issue?
Seeding, sod? I dont have control over the sprinklers and the HOA has refused to water less.

I would really appreciate any ideas and/or pointers! Thanks!

- Tyler (Draper, UT)
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1. you link does not work. it works, but wants to sign up for picasa and such; simply post image code here, or go to photobucket and post there with image code here; photobucket is official picture site for this forum
2. how far do you want to go? you start with requesting HOA codes and read them through carefully; look for anything that is relevant to grading and maintenance and complaint resolution, esp - your rights. HOA did not grade your property, developer did. they will bounce you towards him, he'll bounce you towards HOA or expired warranty, and so it will go. it all goes down to several things: developer warranty, and any clause that makes HOA liable for drainage issue. I doubt though. THEY can put lien on YOUR house, YOU will most likely have no rights whatsoever. that's why you buy free standing house, brother.
3. when you have your HOA legal stuff figured and ready to sue them, you write a nice formal statement to them, and hand deliver it to HOA with some sort of receipt. write a COHERENT AND STRUCTURED statement, with dates, costs, etc. see what happens. they should provide you with some sort of response, based on statute and code. they will tell you they "fixed" it. IF YOU 100% KNOW YOU HAVE SOLID GROUNDS FOR WINNING IN COURT, you call on 2 second opinions, pay them, then sue HOA in small claim court. this is ONLY if HOA CAN BE held liable; if not, then you should go after developer, as he's the one who graded and drainaged your property. btw, it's not even your property, as bank owns it.
4. otherwise, buy a spade and dig deep wide hole in the middle of your puddle; fill with river bed gravel, pee gravel, and sand, cover with dirt. that's your drain. french drains ain't worth a flip, as they get clogged by debris in a heartbeat.
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oh, and btw. we lost $50 000 on a house we custom built in IN, then had to put on the market right away, and suffered major loss because developer graded it same way you have, builder pointed at developer, developer simply ignored all this, I was in WA, house in IN, and you do not get far with them over the phone, and we had to SELL! EVERYBODY who looked at the house pointed at the damn puddle in the backyard.

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