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I follow the annual program from Scott's on my lawn 4 times per year. This year I have an unusual higher amount of dandelions probably because the weather has been warmer earlier this year. What's the best way to get rid of them? Last year I tried weed b gone that doesn't kill grass, but I still ended up having yellow spots all over a month later? Should I buy the 'Weed Hound'' dandelion digger?
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I tried the weed hound early this year what a pain in the a$$. The thing about it is that it will not get the whole root out. I went to fleet and farm and bought HI YIELD 2 4 D and sprayed the yard. They dried up in 2-3 days just sprayed some more of the damm things today. Its on sale right now for $8. The stuff works a lot better then weed b gone. Save your money and just buy the turff builder or use the morliganite ( I think thats how its spelled) Your better off spot spraying the weeds.
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I pull dandelions if there are only a few but that job gets old fast. It sounds like you have more than I would be willing to tackle by that route.
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I also pull them. Years ago when I first started building my lawn I used sprays to kill them and ended up with lots of bare patches. Now I use Scott's TurfBuilder products and seldom have any dandeliions anymore. When I do get a deep rooted weed I pull them with an old fashioned notched weed puller. I like it because I can get the root out with the rest of the plant.
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It sounds like I have the same notched weed puller Wayne does. It does a nice job but I'm only willing to put in ten minutes or so at a shot.

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