Irrigation: Take 2


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Irrigation: Take 2

So we recently moved into a new house that had underground irrigation already setup (kind of a selling point to be honest.) Now that I've had the the privilege to use it, it has become the bane of my existence. As it turns out, the previous owners were Do-It-Yourselfer's, but lacked many of the basic standards. Thusly, my irrigation is hooked up with old shoddy 1/4" black poly piping, irregular nonsensical zones for the sprinkler heads, and no manifold box to be seen. I would really like to just redo the whole thing, but not sure that I have the appropriate skills/tools/time/funds to manage it.

I know people generally use schedule 40 PVC, would this be a much better alternative than the poly piping? How would I go about finding the manifold box? Would it better to just rip everything out and start from scratch, or would it be more realistic to keep portions of the existing system and work around it? We have about 7,000 Sqf. of irrigated lawn, and another 5,000-7,000 of un-piped lawn I'd like to have up and running. Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
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I would suggest locating your water source then have a pro work up a design that you can install in stages. Ignoring the existing system and starting from scratch may be a little more costly but will save a lot of headaches later on.
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The irrigation system

Be carefull with the PVC idea, its great for warm states, however in colder states, you must get all of the water removed from the PVC piping, or you will most likely get freeze damage. That is why most people use poly pipe in the north. You could get a irrigation contractor to pull in the poly pipe, and lay out a system for you, then you can install the sprinkler heads, zone valves, a valve box or two, or three. Are you going to use city water or a well pump, you might have to contract that part out. Some of the major sprinkle mfgrs have helpfull websites.

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